ACSA - Queens Africa and Diaspora


African & Caribbean Students' Association

African & Caribbean Students’ Association (ACSA) is a cultural club at Queen’s University for African and Caribbean students, and other students of various backgrounds. ACSA is an all-inclusive club!

ACSA represents African and Caribbean societies through the presentation of their diverse cultures, art, music, histories and other aspects of life. ACSA aims to provide social functions and coordinate activities for the purpose of adding to the variety of university life. The club is unique as it provides a forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas among members. In addition, ACSA respect and address the concerns of African, the Caribbean and other interested students in matters which may affect Africa, the Caribbean, and the African and Caribbean Diaspora.

The initiatives and events that ACSA facilitates include dance crew, monthly Soul Food Sundays, the organization of Black History Month events, and the annual Culture Show. ACSA also organizes numerous other events throughout the year, including dance workshops, panel discussions, study hours, and social events. ACSA believes home is away for their members and therefore, tries to connect them with people, events, and services within the Queen’s and Kingston community that will make them feel that way. More information on ACSA can be found through the link

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